Over 4000 square feet designated for personal training

Level 1 Accountability

You can schedule with any of our qualified trainers once a week on a week to week basis. Doing this will spice up the variations in workouts and keep you on your toes.  You can then supplement the days you are not with a trainer with circuit and cardio training in our open area.

Level 2 Accountability

Now you can have a trainer to call your own. With two sessions a week you will have more accountability and consistency. You can create a set schedule with your trainer that can be modified whenever needed. In addition to this, you can still add as many workouts, as you and your trainer see fit, in the circuit training area.

Level 3 Accountability

In this level you will be with a trainer 3 or more times per week. With more accountability and personalized attention you will be able to hit or maintain your goals at a much quicker pace. The accountability for diet, cardio, and training will be at its highest with this package. Yet again, this training can still be supplemented with the circuit training area.


With any level you always get:

  • Access to unlimited cardio during training hours.
  • Access to unlimited circuit training equipment during training hours.
  • No charge for balance/stretching and agility classes.
  • Towel service.
  • Access to free digilock lockers during your workout.
  • Lockers available to rent on a monthly basis.
  • Locker room amenities with private shower rooms, including dry sauna.
  • Multiple Professional trainers on staff to answer any ongoing fitness questions or concerns.

Usable equipment include:

Dumbbells (1 - 100lbs), Barbells, Incline/Flat Bench Press, Squat Rack, Selectorized Machines, Smith and Dual Pulley Cable machines, Treadmills, Ellipticals, Hand Krank Machines, Spin Bikes, Stationary Bikes, Slam Balls, Medicine Balls, Bosu Balls, Stability Balls, Battle Ropes, Agility Equipment, Balance Equipment and more...

Your workouts can always be different and modified for any level of fitness.